Bandana Bibs - Drool in Style!

​All of our bibs have a cuddly soft fleece backing made from dye-free, renewable materials (70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton). We use brightly coloured knits imported from Europe on the front of our bibs, most of which are organic.  

​​​Our bibs are one size fits all, and are appropriate for children ages 3 months to approximately 3 years.  Bandana style bibs are meant to bunch under the chin to catch drool, and shouldn't be snug around the neck.  Each bib features two durable snaps to fasten closed.
Care Instructions:
Machine wash on cold.  Tumble dry on medium.​​​

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Our European-inspired beanie hats are super soft and comfy for your little one's head. They can be worn slouchy, or rolled up for a tighter fit. These hats are ideal for chilly days, to wear under a ski helmet, or just as an accessory. Since our hats are double lined with no open seams, they are also ideal for those experiencing hair loss. They are made of high quality, brightly coloured cotton jersey knit fabric, and are sure to stand out in a crowd!

Our hats come in the following sizes:
3-12 months
1-2 years
3-7 years
7+years - adult - please send me a message to request a custom order​

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Maxaloones are​ amazing pants that are adjustable to grow with your child.  Size 1 fits age 6mos - 3yrs, as the waist and leg cuffs can be folded/unfolded to the desired length.  The circle bum piece accommodates cloth diapers perfectly, and the extendable cuffs are also ideal for babywearing as you can cover cold little toes with the folded down cuffs. We are an authorized seller of Maxaloones using Max and Meena pattern.

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​​Shortiloones are a shorter version of Maxaloones.  The waist and leg cuffs are half the height so are cooler for warm weather.  They are still adjustable and will fit approximately age 6m-3yrs.

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